Why You are NOT Seeing Results with Pinterest?

Something we hear often is the online businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers mentioning that they don’t know what they need to work on to see the results they are looking for with Pinterest – more traffic and more sales. With so much information out there, it can be hard to pin point exactly what the best actions for you should be?

The most common questions are – should I focus on building a strategy for my business with Pinterest? I only have few products in my online shop or a few posts on my blog or a few services on my professional web page, so should I focus on creating more content before going on Pinterest? But the content I currently have isn’t really converting well, so should I work on my SEO and my branding instead of Pinterest marketing?

I am sure you know better what I’m talking about! Handling online business can take a lot of your time! And building your Pinterest for business can be confusing. Here are a few tips that can save you time while marketing your business on Pinterest.

Build your strategy to implement and follow! There are so many different components that make up a “strategy” that levels up on Pinterest for business.

Without a straightforward plan of what the next steps should be, we don’t want to miss out on any of the key components of what makes up a successful Pinterest strategy with the goal to drive targeted traffic to your site. Basically, you need to build your strategy focusing on your target or the people you want to attract to your site. Thinking for your target audience can make easy to build your boards focusing on their interests. Creating and pinning of your pins focusing on the same target with the right SEO keywords and branded photos with your logo will make your brand recognizable.

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Once you have your pins you should pin them on your Pinterest boards via the rule 80 / 20 – 80% other pins focused on your target’s interests and 20% your pins pinned into different boards – all focused on your target.

One of the most successful strategies I am using every day on Pinterest is to post daily around 20 – 40 pins /mixed of your and other pins under your niche/ on different boards – your boards, group boards, Tailwind Tribes. For example – if you have 20 boards under your niche and 20 group boards under the same niche, pinning 40 pins per day will mean to pin one pin in each board every day. This will keep your account active, fresh and will drive traffic not now, but for the future. Remember the rule on Pinterest is – Post now, see the traffic later!

Think on how to spend your time for your Pinterest strategy effective

It is not about how much time you have to execute your Pinterest marketing strategy as steps every single day, but HOW you will spend your time.

You should use your time wisely and take advantage of tools that are available to help you become more consistent & productive.

Pinning daily 20 – 40 pins takes time! To make the pinning easier, you can use Tailwind – it is officially approved by the Pinterest tool to pin automatically your scheduled pins and a lot more! It is easy and so timing consuming! It will take you once per week to schedule your pins for one week forward.

Remember that consistency is the key to success on Pinterest – you should post daily to see the traffic you want and need to grow your business!

And that is why so many online businesses don’t see results from their efforts and are telling me “Pinterest doesn’t work for my business!”.

If you only have a handful of hours a week to spend on your business and you’re pouring all that time into splitting your focus between a million different strategies, things can go south pretty quickly.

Building Your Own Pinterest Roadmap to Success – from the strategy to implementation!

If this sounds anything like you, I encourage you to take a step back and reach out to us for help.

Depending on where you are right now as an online business, you should be focusing on only a few specific components at a time so you’re not running around in circles!

And while you could read hundreds of blog posts and download endless freebies that are meant to help you with Pinterest, those should only be your stepping stones to get basic knowledge before investing in a real solution specific to you and you alone!

The path to building your ideal online business with Pinterest is through getting personalized help for you from the experts! Which is why we’ve decided to launch the Pinterest Business Account Critique and Strategy Building to help those of you who are ready to take the next step!

If you like details, here’s a brief rundown of what you’ll get when you purchase this service:

First Impressions:

Once you send us a link to your Pinterest account and your site, who you want to promote on Pinterest, we will go directly to your site and your Pinterest business account, where we will write down our thoughts and our first impressions. This is a great chance to get an unbiased perspective of your business in the eyes of a consumer, which will give you a good idea of how your customers will view your business presence on Pinterest. 

As a whole, we will review your Pinterest content as boards and analyze them for pins quality, SEO and relevancy.

From a professional perspective, we will go through a rewrite of your strategy:

– How to set up your Pinterest boards for your business;

– What keywords should you use in your niche;

– What should be your strategy and how easy to implement it in your account;

– Recommendations for your account name, bio and your pins;

– Many information about how Pinterest works;

– All the last news from Pinterest about their future.

You will receive a printable PDF report that goes into depth on the things that we recommend you work on and a step-by-step personalized plan to work through. PLUS additional tips and tricks that have helped vastly improve our client’s results. 

Get the Pinterest Critique and Strategy Building TODAY for only $ 99 and start growing your business the right way!

Contact us here if you want to receive your personal Pinterest strategy!

To understand more about SocialMarketingNest and how we can help you with Pinterest, read our FAQ here.

We can’t wait to work with you!

SocialMarketingNest Team

P.S. Special discounted price for those who decide the described strategy to be implemented by us by order monthly Pinterest marketing and managing package from us as a long term service for 6+ months!

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