The completed step by step Pinterest guide on how to get more free traffic for your site while building a successful Pinterest strategy

For the last few years, a lot of questions were received by me as a Pinterest strategist about how exactly to use Pinterest as a business in order to get free traffic from it? For all those online businesses that are in need to use Pinterest in the right way, I have built an easy to implement a successful Pinterest strategy step by step guide. This guide will save your time and money as a business owner or blogger and you will have a better idea of how to use Pinterest exactly!

What includes this guide?

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine for evergreen content in almost any business niche. It can be the best traffic driven platform for your blog or online business and many bloggers and business owners from all kind niches have built their audience with a strong presence there! A lot of information on how to use Pinterest for your business is around the web, but it takes time to sort the one that will work for you! That is why as a Pinterest strategist helping from years to many bloggers and e-commerce businesses around the world with their Pinterest marketing, I decided to create an easy to understand beginner guide and include here the important things in one place as a step by a step action plan. This strategy is easy to apply and result-driven in almost any niche.

Here is what you will learn from this guide – an easy to implement step by step Pinterest strategy:

Step 0: How to create an optimized Pinterest content for your business account based on your target audience

Step 1: Pinterest SEO basis – what you need to know about Pinterest SEO and how to implement it easily

Step 2: Perfect Pin design basis – how to create engaged Pinterest images (examples from my customers).

Step 3: The right Pinterest communities of people to target – group boards or Tailwind Tribes?

Step 4: Grow your site traffic, using this Pinterest strategy! – a detailed action plan to execute.

Step 5: Pinterest analytics data to follow and analyze in order to increase your Pinterest engagement.

You will have a deeper look at how to build your Pinterest strategy and grow your Pinterest engagement and traffic for your online business, without reading tons of information out there!

What is the price of this basic guide?

The price is very affordable (still!) and it is only 29 USD! Use this contact form to send me an email saying – “Yes, I want the Pinterest guide for 29 $, please!” and I will reply to you what to do to purchase the guide!

For who is helpful this guide?

Every small business owner who wants to sell online products or services with Pinterest, or every blogger who wants to start using Pinterest as a traffic-driven source without wasting time and money to test tons of strategies! It is a beginner’s guide for those business owners and bloggers who have heard that Pinterest can be the number one source of traffic for their site, but never use it in the right way! The guide has personalized by answering your important questions – it is based on real questions from my clients all over the world. You will have the exact Pinterest strategy, which I am using with all my clients to drive traffic organic to their sites. It is easy to follow in steps and implement in your marketing strategy to promote your site.

Who is the author?

That is me – Stiliyana Stoycheva – Pinterest Strategist and Consultant! Why trust me?

Because I am helping businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide from years with their internet marketing strategy, specializing in Pinterest for business. I have solid experience behind me with hundreds of clients from all over the world, helping them with highly successful and result oriented Pinterest management services to reach new customers. I have studied the Pinterest platform in detail and have tested various strategies for maximum performance. This is the strategy that is easy to repeat and implement and the most result-driven in all my experience with Pinterest!

For more questions, help with Pinterest or just to stay updated with all things Pinterest, please feel free to reach me out via this contact form or visit my website and subscribe here to receive more free helpful information and Pinterest tips.

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