The benefits of Pinterest for small business

Did you know that Pinterest is the third-largest search engine in the world?

Yes, it is! After Google and YouTube, Pinterest is the third place where the people are looking for ideas, inspirations, and new products or services to try. Are you there? If not, read this to see what are the benefits of Pinterest for small business are.

First. Pinterest is a huge search engine with great potential for small business because it is important to understand that Pinterest is different and it is not social media like Facebook and Instagram, where people are going to show themselves more than to look for ideas or products to buy. If you show who you are with your own Pinterest business account and how you can help the people who are looking exactly for your type of business niche, you will have a chance to reach a new audience very fast. You just need to start your business account and implement your strategy to engage with your audience organic.

Second. As a small business, you don’t have a huge budget to spend on online marketing. Pinterest is totally free to use as organic /without ads/ marketing channels and even if you decide to invest in Pinterest promoted pins /Pinterest ads/ they are still very affordable compared to giants like Google and Facebook. You just need to learn how to use Pinterest, it is easy!

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Third. The good news is that you are not limited to your followers! If it comes to classical social media, followers can be the key to success as a business, but Pinterest is different. Remember why it is different – because of the followers DON’T MATTER! You can have just a few followers /even below 100!/ and have more traffic to your site than someone with thousands of followers. Seriously! As a search engine, Pinterest shows your content to EVERYONE, who is looking for your type of niche, just like Google. Remember – the search engines are using SEO algorithm and you will need to understand how to do your SEO for your Pinterest business niche. Using an SEO strategy to drive traffic to your small business site is totally free!

Fourth. It doesn’t matter what is your niche – you can use Pinterest for your business to grow if you are small online e-commerce, Etsy, eBay, Amazon shop, blog, or even YouTube channel. The video on this platform is going to be very popular soon!

Fifth. If you still don’t have time to loose while learning how to use Pinterest, you can hire very affordable help with Pinterest. Hiring someone who is professional will save your time and money and can be the best investment for your small business. Because while you could read hundreds of blog posts and download endless freebies that are meant to help you with Pinterest, those should only be your stepping stones to get basic knowledge before investing in a real solution specific to you and your business only!

The path to building your ideal online business with Pinterest is through getting personalized help for you from the experts! We can help you both ways with Pinterest:

  • Pinterest monthly management services for YOUR business account – we will care for your strategy with very affordable and result oriented Pinterest marketing while you care of your business;
  • Pinterest strategy creation as one-time service – personalized help to your business account from the strategy to implementation using our easy to follow step by step guides made just for YOU;

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