Pinterest FAQs


Is it Pinterest good for any business?

Pinterest can work for almost any niche. It doesn’t matter what is your online business. This is a platform with over 300 million active users, which are on Pinterest to inspire and find new ideas. With its unique possibilities to save a pin for later, this is an evergreen platform, which can generate tons of traffic for many years forward. You should think on Pinterest as Google – like a search engine. On Pinterest, if your content is SEO friendly, it will be good indexed and visible beyond your followers!


What will happen when we start working with your Pinterest agency?

Out main service is full long-term Pinterest monthly management on the best possible price. Here is how we usually work when we provide our Pinterest monthly management package:

– Start and optimize your Pinterest business account – SEO of course matters;

– Adding your content as niche boards;

– Adding strategic content as additional boards;

– Adding group boards in your niche IMMEDIATELY for faster results;

– Tailwind account adding and management – this is officially approved software by Pinterest to manage accounts for faster results and with a feature called Tribes /similar to the group boards/;

– And a lot more!

Just a few days after we create the strategy for your business, you will receive the strategy report to understand more about Pinterest, what is the strategy and how is implemented in your account.

We will manage Pinterest and Tailwind every single day because if you stop just for a few days or have no strategy, it is useless to expect results!

At the end of each month, we will send you a monthly report with the progress, in which you will understand more about the statistics on Pinterest and how to understand them and your audience.

I know this is a lot of information for you, so take your time to read all this and let me know! We will be happy to discuss with you how you can grow your business, using Pinterest!


What will cost me your full Pinterest monthly management service?

Depending your needs, the basic package with daily Pinterest management starts from 250 $ monthly. This includes 40 custom Pinterest pins creation and optimization each month, daily management of your business account organically and Tailwind account in addition management for better results. To set the best price for you, please contact us here and provide details about your site or blog and what service are you looking for about Pinterest marketing. We will get back to you very soon by providing the best price for your project!


What other services are you providing about Pinterest?

You can contact us about:

  • Pinterest account optimization + clean up – one-time service;
  • Pinterest strategy consultation – review of your current account and strategy report creation just for your Pinterest business account;
  • Pinterest ads review and recommendations – a detailed report on what you should improve to optimize your paid Pinterest ad;

Can I learn by myself more about Pinterest from you?

Yes, please check our guide here: The completed guide on how to get more free traffic to your site while building a result-driven Pinterest strategy?


What traffic can I expect from Pinterest with starting from a scratch account?

When you work on Pinterest with a strategy, the traffic will come very soon. But you should keep in mind, that this is not a platform that can drive “magic traffic” overnight, but your level of exposure through Pinterest compared to other platforms is well-worth the wait! The minimum is 6 + months to see the organic traffic, sometimes even more. The traffic mainly depends on the quality of your pictures. For faster traffic, we can include Pinterest ads with a small budget.

At least, because with starting from zero accounts, this is the minimum period you will see growing traffic each month. Please, keep in mind Pinterest is a type of platforms, where the rule is “Post Now, Gain Results Later!”.

Also, some minimal realistic results /traffic/ from Pinterest /just to have the right expectations what traffic can you expect with account starting from almost zero or under one month aged/:

First 2 weeks – you will see some clicks

The first month – you will see 20 – 30 clicks total

Second – Third Month – around 100 clicks per month

3 – 6 months – around 200 – 300 clicks per month

6 + months – 500 + visits from Pinterest

This is with every day working with a strategy for 6+ months.

Just to have realistic expectations, of course, can be more or less /if you have good quality content you can see 500+ visitors only after the first month!/, we can’t predict for sure and exactly.

This is from our experience with the organic strategy + low cost Pinterest ads strategy.


Do you offer Pinterest promoted pins? What budget should I have to use them?

Yes, if you are in a location, where they are available. Pinterest Ads management services include – Pinterest ads set up, monitoring, best practices applying and reporting. You should be prepared to be flexible with your budget and test. But since Pinterest ads are still affordable compared to Facebook and Google, we recommend starting with a minimum of 5-10 USD per day for around 21 days.


Why working with you? How can I contact you to receive a personal offer about Pinterest Monthy Management Service or any other service about Pinterest?

I have advised thousands of bloggers, Etsy shops, e-commerce and other types of small online businesses about their Pinterest Marketing Strategies and I can help yours too! My very affordable Pinterest and Etsy consultations provide professional advice, feedback, direction and/or an experienced opinion on any of your Pinterest struggles or questions. My blog posts on this site are packed with tips, advice and proven tactics.

Please use the contact page on this site, tell us more about your business – send us your site, your goals, your current Pinterest page if you have and what service about Pinterest are you looking for. You will receive a detailed personal price offer as soon as possible! You can subscribe also here for our newsletter:

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The completed guide on how to get more free traffic to your site while building a result-driven Pinterest strategy?