How To Use Pinterest for Your Health Coaching Business – My Pro-Pinterest Marketing Tips

Health coaching is a new type of health service, highly demanded for the last few years. As a health coach, you are helping people to take better solutions for their health every day. On the other hand – Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms where people are coming actively to search for health and wellness solutions and expert tips. As a health and wellness coach, you know how important is for people to find the right information in the easiest possible way, especially if their health problem is urgent. They are having a specific problem and you can provide them the right solution. As a search engine like Google, Pinterest is the best platform for every health coach to reach a new audience and promote its health coaching business. Pinterest is full of active health and wellness communities that are interested to hear from you! But are you there? Here is how to use Pinterest to find a new audience and grow your health and wellness coaching business or blog.

1. You can grow your email list using Pinterest marketing techniques – create special pins to link with your lead magnets and landing pages from your site. My pro tip here is to include great pictures and strong “call to action messages” by using keywords in your niche. Tell the people how you can help them and what health solutions are you providing – be specific. Use your personal photos of yourself on the pins, this will make you recognizable as a coach and the people will be more likely to trust you when you go there with your face. In addition, use stock images to create more pins and test their performance. Create 5 – 10 pins for each of your landing pages or lead magnets and use specific problems to resolve in each pin. During this time, you will watch what types of pins and topics are engaging and try to create more like them.

2. You can create direct pins for your health coaching program or courses you are offering. Be specific and short on the pin image – encourage people to click to learn more, don’t provide tons of information on your pins (people are lazy to read too much text). To give them a reason to click and check your health course or program, use a question-answering form on your pins with short sentences.

3. You can grow your site traffic by adding blog posts on your site. This will improve your Google traffic, but also will add great organic (free) traffic from Pinterest to your site. Pinterest loves blog content! If you are adding regular at least one blog post to your site each week, you can create 5 – 10 pins for that blog post to promote it totally organic on Pinterest. Again, my pro tip is to use popular keywords and a strong call to action about each specific health problem you are writing about, directly in the pin as text overall.

4. Don’t create direct product pins for the health products you are selling on your site (or you are an affiliate), this will make people avoid your pins. People are not engaging with direct product pins, they are more likely to engage with blog pins which are informative and detailed about a specific problem. This is true because Pinterest is a search engine and it is an interesting platform because it provides helpful solutions! When people are looking for health and wellness help, they will look for a piece of information first, not for products. When they are having enough information about you and your health solutions, they will buy it. But they need to be convinced to do it!

5. The more pins you are adding, the more traffic they will drive back to your site. You can create the above types of pins – for all your lead magnets to attract new email subscribers directly, for all your coach programs and health courses, or to add more traffic from Pinterest to your blog page. My pro tip is to use this strategy: start adding around 10 new pins each week – for example, 3 for your lead magnets, 3 for your coach program, and 4 for your different blog posts (old and new). There is no limit to adding new pins (Pinterest loves new pins!) but it is not necessary for these pins to be linked only to your new content from your site, you can (and should!) create more pins for all your old content regularly.

The most important to remember about Pinterest is that it is a “Post now, Gain the traffic later” platform. It requires consistency and patience for at least 6+ months. You will see the traffic growing each month, but the beginning will be hard – the more time your pins are on Pinterest, the more traffic they will drive for even years forward. Don’t give it up, Pinterest is the best platform to gain access to millions of new audiences. Start now to grow faster!

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