Best Blogging Niches Trending in 2021 on Pinterest

You may know that Pinterest is not a social media, but a visual search engine and people are using it to find new content very frequently. On the other side, if you are a blogger looking for inspiration to add more trending content in 2021, these blog niches are a good idea to add as your content. They are based on my 3+ years of experience in Pinterest marketing for bloggers all over the world and in almost any niches and I decided to support the new and the current bloggers by showing good potential to grow with Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the best sources of free (organic) traffic for a lot of blogging niches – from food blogs and travel to technology blogs. If you still didn’t found the power of Pinterest, it is time to consider your internet marketing strategy by adding Pinterest as a powerful marketing channel for your blog! But is this valid for all blogging niches in 2021? Keep reading to see what are the best blogging niches which have the best potential to drive additional traffic, if they use Pinterest marketing.

2020 was an interesting year! During the Corona pandemic internet was extremely important as a personal connection between people (and of course as a marketing channel) and it was part of almost everyone’s life in this period. Businesses from all over the world found that if they are not online, they can’t exist for long! 2021 looks like not to be so different and the trend for some blogging niches is better compared to others.

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As a Pinterest manager for bloggers, I have to say that in my experience, there are a few types of blog niches that saw huge traffic growth from Pinterest. The pandemic has “pushed up” even more them because, during the lockdown, people were in front of their computers more than ever. What they were looking for mostly on Pinterest? These few niches are having the same best potential in 2021 too. Here are they:

1. Health and wellness. Bloggers who have this type of content were happy to see huge growth in their visitors. The most popular topics on Pinterest were: immunity boosting, holistic health, nutritionist, hormone health, alternative health, natural healing, all kind of home remedies, self-care and mood, stress management, anxiety relief, productivity, and so on! This is totally normal when we have such a hard 2020! But unlike the rest of social media where the content was full of all things Corona and all this negative data, Pinterest is providing solutions. It is not surprising that Pinterest was one of the most popular networks in 2020. People can “escape” and find what inspires them and what they are looking for as a solution. In other words, if your blog content is providing helpful solutions, your blog is having the potential to be a trending blog on Pinterest!

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2. Food blogs. Here the accent was in healthy eating like Keto, Paleo, AIP, vegan, vegetarian, and so on. Since people are looking for more and more ways to natural healthcare, healthy eating will be trending in 2021. But also good to know is that all kinds of quick and easy cooking ideas at home will have the best potential. During the pandemic, a lot of people have found that they can cook at home easily. Pinterest is coming to help them by finding the best food and recipe content – visually presented and really helpful. If you think to start a food blog, Pinterest will definitely help you to grow faster!

3. Sustainable and eco-friendly brands and blogs. This trend is not from now but is driving more and more popularity during the last years. Zero-waste and non-toxic lifestyle is trending especially in 2020 and forward. If your blog is an affiliate to these types of products and you are blogging around these topics, you will definitely win in 2021 if you are looking for more traffic from Pinterest. Again the reason is that Pinterest can provide you good audience – informative and helpful blog posts are always a good idea to reach new people.

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Adding regular new blog posts on your site, as you know as a blogger, is helping your indexing by Google – I mean SEO is working for you very well. Here is one advantage to use Pinterest to promote your blog content – it helps your Google SEO. Because Pinterest is a search engine like Google, using both is helping you together even better.

You may ask: What blogging content and niches are not suitable for Pinterest in 2021? There is no one answer for this, but I would say content that is not evergreen. Content related to niches, topics, and ideas limited during the time and not actual. For example, something which is having a deadline, all things give away are not suitable for Pinterest. The reason is that Pinterest takes time to drive traffic – the rule is “Post now, gain the traffic later” (unlike Facebook or Instagram). This means that it is possible for your pins to get the traffic when they are dated and related to not actual any more content. This is one more reason to keep your content related to the above evergreen niches – usually, food and health are evergreen topics that are relevant all time.

In addition, you should keep in mind that while most trends in 2021 will show that technology topics have the best tendencies as a whole, Pinterest has an audience from mostly women looking for more health solutions in their lives. That is why the above topics are extremely suitable to be marketed on Pinterest in 2021 and you can use the above ideas by adding new trending content for your blog. Of course, there are other blogging niches that are very relevant to be promoted on Pinterest, that is why you can test your blog on this way:

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